Starter Kit U12 - Basic

Starter Kit U12 - Basic

Complete U12 equipment starter kit which includes all equipment needed to play. The kit includes: Helmet with Airliner, Facemask, Mouthpiece, Shoulderpad, Pad Set, Belt, Practice Pants- & Jersey.

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Schutt Vengeance A11+

Schutt Vengeance A11+. TPU front Liner/Cushion who are ultra comfortable and easy to fit and wear. These feature TPU Cushioning technology are mechanically attached securely to the helmet. Inter-Link jaw pads won´t fall out or move around. Engineered Flexural Resistance areas into the All helmet shell. The back shelf improves the overall strength and durability af the shell in a critical location. The design feature improves impact absorption.

Facemask not included.

Recommended for U12 players.

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